5 Career Tips From Communications Experts

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The Labor Department released some fantastic job numbers this morning: Not only were 165,000 jobs added last month, but unemployment has hit a four-year low at 7.5%. This morning's report puts to rest concerns that Washington D.C.'s political squabbles would negatively affect the jobs market. In addition, April hiring beat expectations, as did March and February, which saw 138,000 and 332,000 jobs added, respectively.
In acknowledgement of this cheery outlook, here are five career tips we gathered from industry experts at several PR News' events and conferences.
  • "Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and do all of the little things: You are never too big to do anything, and there is always something to learn. Say yes to everything when humanly possible. You always learn something by doing." -- Rebecca Kim, Public Relations Manager, Foot Locker, Inc.
  • "If you do one thing, blog. It will improve your writing. It will teach you about technology. You will develop great relationships and understand what it really takes to build a community. The learning you gain from growing your own blog will follow you throughout your career." -- Frank Strong, Director of Public Relations, Vocus
  • "Creating something that adds value, that's your legacy and your differentiator in everything you do." -- Pam Fielding, President, 720 Strategies
  • "Be authentic and transparent—and never plan more than two weeks in advance.  Things will change drastically." -- Grace Musat, Social Publicist, 360i
  • "Treat every client and prospective client as a potential referral source. Referrals and positive experiences or how you handle situations in a time of crisis speak to the character of your company." -- Katie Williams, Social Media & Graphics Coordinator, Next Generation Trust Services, LLC
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