2013 Platinum PR Awards: Annual Report

Winner: Perry Ellis International

The Perry Ellis International Annual Report 2013 came to shareholders hot off the runway and ready to turn heads. The report was designed with the same eye for aesthetic and attention to detail Perry Ellis uses in designing the fashions that have made the company who it is today.

The report boasts an element of fun and an element of surprise. High gloss varnish, foil stamping, UV coating, a palette of vibrant hues and fashion-minded design techniques are just some of the elements that make this annual report stand out from previous years, which were more business to business-driven.

Sleek and sharp, bright and balanced; according to Perry Ellis, this annual report exemplifies the company perfectly since it contains a marriage of form and function intended to communicate the bottom line in high-end style.

2013 isn't just any year at Perry Ellis International, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the corporation's initial public offering on NASDAQ (traded under: PERY), making it more important than ever to not only tell the tale of the figures for the past year, but to walk shareholders through the legacy of the corporation.

From one page to another, shareholders can explore the numerous brands that comprise Perry Ellis International's portfolio, simultaneously learning key financial information and experiencing each one's story told in the unique voice apropos to its particular brand DNA. From bright bold hues to signature style cues that make recurring cameos—like the iconic Very Perry Ellis polka dot—it all comes together like an impeccably tailored garment.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Bertelsmann
  • Charles Schwab Corporation - Investors Deserve Better
  • The Lifetime Healthcare Companies - Local People Serving Local Communities
  • The Methodist Hospital - A Commitment to Nursing Excellence 2012
  • Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority - Measuring Up for the Future
  • NYU Langone Medical Center – Exce11ence: 2011 Annual Report
  • Weber Shandwick: Degrees of Impact: The Meadows Foundation Annual Report