2013 Digital PR Awards: Twitter Communications

Winner: Quaker & Huge - @RealCapnCrunch Sets Sail for Twitter

Quaker’s Cap'n Crunch wanted to find a way to engage its loyal consumers. To do that it partnered with Huge and relaunched the @RealCapnCrunch Twitter account.

One of the big objectives for Crunch's Twitter strategy was to track and monitor memes and relevant pop culture trends and tailor those themes for Twitter. Additionally, it was essential to produce daily content for the account, and the Huge team knew it was important to be agile and leverage any real-time marketing opportunities as they emerged.

During the campaign, a Reddit user posted an image pointing out that U.S. Navy captains have four stripes on their uniforms, while Cap'n Crunch only has three and thus was not a real captain. As this news spread through Reddit, the blogosphere and social media, Crunch’s Twitter team jumped on the opportunity to get involved in real time. The Huge team's immediate tactic was to monitor the chatter about the controversy on social media and craft clever, customized responses to the tweets.

The Huge team kept the conversation going with all of the influencers who engaged the brand on Twitter. Once the conversation and media coverage had reached an international scope, the Huge team convinced the client to allocate additional resources to produce an animated video of the Cap'n responding to the fraud claims.  That resulted in an entirely new round of coverage and the story and video were amplified around the country.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Alembic Health Communications and The National Meningitis Association - Taking Flight on Twitter to Increase Meningitis Awareness and Engage Stakeholders in Prevention
  • AT&T’s Twitter Tribe Program: Turning employees into brand ambassadors, one tweet at a time
  • Habitat for Humanity’s National Women Build Week 2013 Twitter Party
  • RF|Binder - McGraw-Hill Education: Getting Chatty on Twitter
  • RF|Binder - Building the Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto Twitter Community