2013 Digital PR Awards: SEO

Winner: Florida Sweet Corn - Sunshine Sweet Corn

The Florida Sweet Corn Exchange is a collective of family farmers growing super sweet varieties of fresh corn in Palm Beach County Florida. The farmers within the exchange produce naturally grown corn without GMO’s. And to cultivate Web traffic on its site SunshineSweetCorn.com it employed an organic approach to SEO.

A major problem for agriculture is the seasonality, so the exchange believed it was imperative to fully optimize the site for search in order to capitalize when peak season begins. To do that, the exchange leveraged Google AdWords and developed regular fresh and relevant content, in order to satisfy Google’s algorithms.

The results have been exceptional:

  • Visits through organic search grew by 129% year-over-year.
  • 500 discrete search terms drove traffic to the site in April and May alone.
  • The website gained over 35,000 impressions in Google’s Paid Search.
  • Google AdWords drive 6,400 visits to the site and captured 215,000 impressions.
  • Overall traffic through search grew by 675% year-over-year, and 39% of the site’s traffic derived through search.

Of course the most important metric for anyone is sales, and sales for the Florida Sweet Corn Exchange were record breaking in May 2013, thus reinforcing the effectiveness of its SEO efforts.

Honorable Mentions:

  • American Institute of CPAs - AICPA Insights: CPA Exam
  • SJ Public Relations - Illinois Office of Tourism Increases Online Visibility among Spanish-preferred Consumers