2012 Top Places to Work in PR: Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems 

With a worldwide PR team of 50 people, Cisco recognizes that a highly skilled workforce is imperative for it to remain economically competitive and to sustain its projected growth in the coming decade, making the training of the existing workforce a high priority. To that end, the Cisco PR organization offers global travel and development opportunities in order for the team to expand their boundaries. In fiscal year 2012, one out of six Cisco employees were promoted, and the company will continue to focus on developing and creating career paths for all of its employees.

Cisco's work/life resources, programs, and family services are designed with employee needs, desires, and convenience in mind. In 2008, Cisco announced the opening of the Cisco LifeConnections Center, a state-of-the-art integrated childcare, medical center, and fitness facility. It is a place where Cisco employees and their families are treated in a special way from a typical primary care office.

The facility is designed to be a relaxed and comfortable experience, and a routine medical checkup becomes a personalized health experience. The care is consultative and treats the whole person, taking into account all aspects of the employee’s lifestyle and needs.

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