2010 PR People Awards: Intern of the Year

Winner: Helen Havlak

Euro RSCG Worldwide

In the course of her internship with Euro RSCG Worldwide PR’s Newsengine U, Helen Havlak distinguished herself above and beyond the normal requirements of her position. She demonstrated a broad range of skills while contributing to consumer (Sears/Kmart), B2B (Dun & Bradstreet) and social media accounts and campaigns.

Havlak led the development of the team internship project for which the interns were tasked with creating a business plan for a speakers’ bureau. During the presentation of the plan to several SVPs and the president of the agency, Havlak impressed with her professionalism and composure. Her fellow interns looked to her as a leader, and one of the agency’s senior vice presidents noted that she spoke and presented better than many seasoned professionals. —JC

Key PR lesson in 2010: “Content rules. No matter how well you market a product or initiative, no matter how many social media outlets and blogs you target, no one will pay attention unless you offer them a valuable piece of content that they find relevant, interesting or amusing.”