2010 Platinum PR Awards: Satellite Media Tours

Winner: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company/Coyne Public Relations – Goodyear ‘Get There’ Awards

Goodyear had long provided the aerial footage of the Olympics for North American viewers. For the 2010 Vancouver games, Goodyear looked to generate even more brand awareness and reinforce its connection to the Olympics. To that end, Goodyear and Coyne developed the Get There Awards, honoring the behind-the-scenes people who helped Olympic athletes “get there”—much the same way that Goodyear was working behind the scenes at the games. With Olympian Bonnie Blairas spokesperson, the awards were announced on national broadcast, and 43 interviews with the honorees were made available to the media. The efforts delivered more than 1,140 broadcast stories, translating to $460,000 in comparative advertising value.

Honorable Mentions:
Burson-Marsteller - The New $100 Note: Global Public Education Program:
Burson-Marsteller was selected to educate the public and clear up confusion in commerce over the new $100 note, targeting a global audience. The initiative resulted in 24 broadcast airings across the U.S. and reached a cumulative audience of over 952,000.

Synaptic Digital & the FDA - Peanut Butter Recall
: The FDA and Snyaptic Digital released a proactive message that conveyed the truths about the peanut butter recall, helping people determine the best peanut butter choices. Synaptic booked a full satellite media tour in less than 24 hours—in the end, nearly 7 million Americans were reached through efforts on live TV.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants - AICPA: April 2010 Financial Literacy Month: For Financial Literary Month, the AICPA sponsored 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, a national effort to improve the financial literacy of all Americans from childhood through retirement, with resources including hundreds of articles, tools and calculators to help them with financial decision-marking. The goal of the media tour was to drive traffic to 360financialliteracy.com, the AICPA's comprehensive tool to improve financial literacy at all stages of life. As a result of outreach, the 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy's logo and Web site was featured in nearly all of the targeted TV clips, and following the SMT, Web site activity increased to over 2,000 visitors per day.

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