2010 Digital PR Awards: Email Newsletters

Winner: GCI Health – The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future’s Nursing Notes

In response to a critical shortage of nurses and nurse educators, Johnson & Johnson launched the Campaign for Nursing’s Future, and charged GCI Health with the task of revamping its Nursing Notes newsletter to serve as the crux for communication. In 2009, GCI Health changed the design of the newsletter to accommodate its growing subscriber base and to ensure seamless delivery through a teaser email linking to a Web-based newsletter, allowing Web analytics to conduct a thorough reader analysis. In response to the refresh, its subscriber base increased by 163%. A formal user survey concluded that 80% of the 34,000 subscribers read the newsletter every month, while 77% forward the newsletter to their friends and colleagues.

Honorable Mentions:

Calysto Communications & Public Relations – PR Vibes: Using Quality Editorial as a Business Tool:

For Calysto's PR Vibes newsletter, a group of researchers continually works on adding industry executives to the PR Vibes database and updating contact information. Calysto has successfully grown PR Vibes from just a few hundred readers when it launched in 1999 to more than 35,000 readers in 2010,.

Domus Inc. – “The Details” Newsletter:

Domus created "The Details" newsletter for high-end kitchen appliance retailer Dacor, and sources industry experts, conducts interviews and produces the polished photographic look. The newsletter has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2008 with distribution growing from 30,033 recipients to its current 61,363 recipients.

Horizon Marketing Group – Chegg Salad: Chegg.com Email Newsletter:

Chegg Salad is a monthly newsletter that's designed to be visually engaging on the topic of financial aid, with each issue featuring study tips submitted from fellow students and financial aid advice from bestselling authors. Since its launch just a few months ago, there has been significant growth of almost 30%.

MidCountry Financial Corp. – Vantage Point Newsletter:

After acquisitions expanded MidCountry's ranks to more than 1,200 associates, it was decided that there needed to be a company-wide newsletter that had a professional look and feel. The tactics behind the launch: taking a survey of associates to see what they wanted in a newsletter, creating a template that reinforced the brand and ensuring that all stories be focused on transparency in the company's direction and positive reinforcement.