2009 PR News CSR Awards, Honorable Mentions: Community Affairs

Roche Employee AIDS Walk

In Malawi, Africa, almost 1 million people out of a 13 million population are HIV-positive. To generate funds for the impoverished in Malawi, Roche launched an Employee AIDS Walk in 2003 that donates its proceeds to projects run by ECPP and UNICEF. Funds have been used to create orphan centers in Malawi that have provided food, education, clothes and healthcare to more than 3,000 orphans.

Verizon Wireless Florida Clothesline Project

Wireless provider Verizon partnered with Florida-based domestic violence shelters and government agencies for their The Clothesline Project campaign. The project set out to counter domestic abuse by providing educational counseling on the matter as well as creating an outlet for those still suffering from injustices. The exhibit toured the entire state of Florida, putting a human face behind the grim statistics.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers for Responsible Leadership in our Communities

For the month of Community Service, PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Corporate Responsibility Leader oversaw internal communications to ensure that local offices maximized their potential for community service. The charitable foundations that benefited from this act included Through the People Who Care Fund, Through Junior Achievement and United Way.

World Wrestling Entertainment for Smackdown Your Vote!

World Wrestling Entertainment receives an approximate audience of 2.6 million viewers between the ages of 18-29, a crucial demographic for an election year. The WWE parlayed their position as an entertainment provider into an educational tool by using their star power to educate potential voters about the different candidates and the necessity of exercising one's right to vote.

The Boston Globe for Boston Summer Scholars

Summer is no longer just vacation time for Boston teenagers thanks to The Boston Globe who created 500 summer job opportunities though their Boston Summer Scholars program. The eight-week program successfully provided jobs at 58 companies and nonprofits throughout Boston and administered a weekly a Life Skills workshop.

Simon Public Relations Group ­ Giving Big to Help Those Less Fortunate

A staggering statistic that Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global biopharmaceutical company, wishes to amend is that the number of Philadelphia's children living in poverty has increased 15% over the past five years. Simon Public Relations Group helped spread the word throughout local organizations and Shire was able to inspire three-months worth of individual collection drives in one intense two-day period, enabling local organizations to serve more than 8,000 children in the five-county region.