2009 PR News CSR Award: CSR People of the Year

AGATA TYSZKIEWICZ, CEO and President, Publicist Consultants/Rowland Company

A staunch fighter for a good cause, Agata Tyszkiewicz belongs to the generation of young Polish free thinkers who entered the field of PR when Poland, after years of Communist control, finally opened up to the free market economy.  As a PR exec, she has incorporated ethical corporate cultures and effective CSR communications with numerous charitable organizations, such as UNICEF Poland, SOC Children Villages, Polish Red Cross and National Hospices Movement. Recognized in her native country and abroad, Tyszkiewicz has been the architect of social programs that have attracted a lot of media coverage and been the recipient of numerous laurels.

Working with clients that include R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Bayer, Wrigley Poland, Microsoft and PAIZ, Tyszkiewicz’s fresh ideas have led to the creation and execution of innovative CSR programs. Examples of her tactics are using “street happenings” to diminish social exclusion of the disabled when it comes to illegal use of parking lots (for a parking campaign from 2006 for Friends of Integration Association), and being the force behind an art exhibition to promote sympathy for old horses (for the Pegasus Foundation, 2006-2007).


Working in an office where 90% of her staff are women, Tyszkiewicz always makes it a point to promote women-friendly solutions. She also has provided hands-on experience on how to develop and apply a personal code of ethics to achieve goals. This knowledge is manifested in the many articles she has authored for various trade publications and books on PR. A graduate of Warsaw University, the multilingual Tyszkiewicz is a founding member of the Polish PR Association and has served on myriad Polish foundations.