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5 Questions for Brands to Ask a Potential Content Partner

Brands need to be aware of just what they’re getting themselves into when seeking a content partnership with a media group. Here are a few questions brands should be asking potential partners.  | MORE »

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PR Insider: Five Transformational Trends Brands Need to Embrace in 2014

Research suggests that people are seeking brands that give them more control over their own lives and partner with them to improve the future.  | MORE »

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PR’s Growing Role in ‘Native Advertising’

We’re all going “native” now. The Interactive Advertising Bureau Wednesday is scheduled to release a white paper on so-called “native advertising,” or branded content, at the same time that the Federal Trade Commission is starting to hold daylong town hall hearings on the matter. Communicators should pay careful attention. | MORE »

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4 Tips to Measure the Success of Your Content Strategy

Establishing built-in metrics to measure the performance of a content strategy is key to its success.  | MORE »

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A Shot in the Arm for ‘Branded Content’

Forbes Media has been at the forefront of so-called branded content, which blends advertising messages with editorial. Those consumers looking at Forbes Web pages with branded content were 41% more likely to express an intent to buy the brand compared with those who saw a regular Web page with no branded content, according to a new study by IPG Media and commissioned by Forbes. Will the study assuage those who are skeptical about branded content? | MORE »

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