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NO stranger to celebrity publicity and media placement, knew how important it would be to get Madonna (new mom, Material Girl, “Evita” star) on the January cover of Redbook magazine.
The magazine, intent on repositioning itself as a hipper read, …

CreatAbility, an advertising firm in Coral Gables, Fla., will handle a new Spanish-language marketing campaign for the hair-loss medication Rogaine and seven other brands of Michigan-based Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc., including Progaine, Kaopectate, and Dramamine.
The pharmaceuticals company spent $40 million in …


November 18th, 1996 by

Editor’s Note: Town & Country monthly magazine, which is published by the Hearst Magazines Division, is one of the publications which has meshed high society with pastoral quality of life issues.Readers turn to the magazine for happenings in the art …

Last year’s greatest heroes were undoubtedly the firefighters who participated in the search and rescue mission of the country’s single largest act of terrorism, the April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.
A special tribute was made to …

“Sometimes your letterhead is the first thing people see so it needs to be great,” said John Sneider, production-creative manager at Dorland, Sweeney & Jones, a Philadelphia-based healthcare advertising agency. “It is definately part of the image building process.”
Use an “…


October 21st, 1996 by

On page 4 of our Sept. 30 issue, the price of John Budd’s study on corporate governance should have been listed as $50.


October 17th, 1996 by

Ready, Get Set, Enroll
The health plan equivalent of the Christmas rush has started. For national healthplans –Allina, HealthPartners and Blue Cross –the zero hour is here.
They’ve started reinforcing their corporate images with national television ads, soon to be …

Media Moves

January 7th, 1999 by

Applied Clinical Trials: Shannon Barker, assistant editor.
Phone: 541-343-1200; fax: 541-344-3514
American Family Physician: Barbara Apgar, MD, associate editor; Grace Brooke Huggman, MD, associate editor; Jeffrey Kirchner, associate editor, James Nuovo, MD, assistant editor, Richard Sadovsky, MD, …