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PR Movers

June 7th, 2004 by

Cadbury Schweppes Americas — How refreshing. Charles Alfaro (ex-Hoffman-La Roche Inc) has been appointed to the newly created position of VP/corporate communications for the
Cadbury Schweppes confectionary and beverage businesses in the Americas. In addition to communications initiatives Alfaro …

Industry News

February 15th, 1999 by

On The Radar Screen
McCurry Still Answering Questions – Without the Spin
In his new role with PA firm Public Strategies, former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry took the stage last week at American University in Washington, D.C.

… But Journalists Can Do Without Bells and Whistles
Generally speaking, it might not be worth the time or expense of including newspaper and magazine reporters on your bells-and-whistles distribution list. It’s not that they don’t have access to the technology, …

Since the corporate restructuring of the ’80s, career consultants have advised professionals that it’s essential that you manage your own career and not leave it up to your employer. So you know what you need to do, but how?

Media Moves

February 4th, 1999 by


New England Journal of Medicine: Thomas Bodenheimer, national correspondent; John Iglehart, national correspondent; Robert Kuttner, national correspondent; Karen Daly, senior editorial office coordinator; Briana Doherty, editorial assistant; Nwakaego Fletcher, editorial office assistant; and Andrea Graham; editorial assistant. Phone: 617/734-9800; …

The rockets underneath the shuttle Discovery may have sent women and men into space last November, but it was Senator John Glenn who launched NASA’s most recent PR success.
Although NASA denies it either expected or sought out the attention …

Media Insight: CIO

May 3rd, 2004 by

CXO Media Inc.
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P.O. Box 9208
Framingham, MA 01701-9208

The Wind Up
CIO wears its embrace of PR on its sleeve or, to be more exact, right in the front of the book. …

By John Baldoni/Baldoni Consulting
The way that McDonald’s handled the death of its CEO and succession of the number two serves as a textbook example of how to handle and communicate executive succession
correctly. Here are some suggested steps.

One day after Charlie Bell succeeded Jim Cantalupo as president-CEO of McDonald’s — which happened several hours after Cantalupo died of an apparent heart attack April 19 at
a corporate meeting in Orlando — Robert Smith walked into a local McDonald’s …