Should Your Brand Chase the Next New Thing on Social?

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With The Social Shake-Up Virtual Spring Tune-Up on the horizon, we’re giving readers and soon-to-be attendees a chance to know this year’s speaker roster. The SSU Spring Tune-Up cast is designed to showcase the latest social media features and share how users are actively engaging with them.

In this interview, we introduce Tiffany Rivers, director of social media at Media Cause. Rivers will join us in a panel conversation on what platforms attendees should keep an eye on this year, and tips for determining when it’s best to skip jumping on the bandwagon.

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PRNEWS: It sometimes feels as though there are new platforms and new features being launched every day. How do you stay on top of them all?

Tiffany Rivers: Test, test, test! I always hold a spot on new platforms for the brand and test them out personally. I don’t always suggest that a brand begin posting, but it’s best to first observe, listen and learn. I also do lots of knowledge sharing! I keep up with social experts through LinkedIn posts, newsletters, tweets and group chats.

PRNEWS: Is there a magic formula to determine how many platforms a particular organization should be on?

Rivers: First and foremost, I think about bandwidth and the type of content that performs well on the platform.

Does the organization have a strong content pipeline for that channel? Does the organization have the talent and resources to make it successful? Is there a partner that can support new content? Will the audience add to our business goals? Are we just trying to “be relevant” or is there actual relevancy in this platform for the brand?

PRNEWS: How should a marketer evaluate whether a platform is right for their organization, and when’s the right time to jump into something new?

Rivers: It’s very important to know your audience. Is your audience really on Snapchat? Are they really on Clubhouse or TikTok? Do your research about the demographics of the platform.

For smaller nonprofits, it’s usually not wise to be a first adopter. It’s usually best to refine your current strategy and evaluate the costs, benefits and trade-offs. A brand definitely has to look at the ROI of their presence on a platform and make the best decision for their team and their stakeholders, not for their board or even senior leadership.

PRNEWS: At what point would you advise a client to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of the latest shiny object?

Rivers: I would reference the questions I mentioned previously. Does the team have bandwidth? Does the client have a content pipeline? Do they have the staff to support it? Will the audience on the latest shiny object help you reach your business goals?

PRNEWS: Burnout for social media managers is on the rise. Any advice for marketers and social media managers who feel like they must be plugged in 24/7?

Rivers: I’m a big advocate for self-care. I suggest setting up screen time limits if you have an iPhone. If you can, set up automation for community management. For example, Facebook messenger has great automation features so your team doesn’t have to respond to common questions or requests individually. If you have a team, set up a monitoring rotation. And just to be prepared, set up a crisis protocol so everyone knows what to do if and when something goes wrong.