2016 Social Media Awards: Twitter | Tweet Content

Winner: Periscope - Buffalo Wild Wings Posts Post Game Report

Buffalo Wild Wings knows its fans are watching the NFL Playoffs and recapping and celebrating every moment on Twitter—and the brand wanted them to know they were doing the same.

Enter the Buffalo Wild Wings Posts Post Game Report. From hashtag to emojis, this post game recap show was comprised entirely of tweets. Working with Periscope, Buffalo Wild Wings recapped the NFL division championship games, conference championships and Super Bowl each weekend during the 2014 season playoffs.

A team of social monitors who gathered tweets during each game and collected permissions in real time was assembled. Once the game concluded they crafted a post-game report overnight in time to shoot before the sun rose in the morning.

After a lightning-fast edit, the team pushed the recaps live the following morning as early as 12 hours after the game ended and quickly notified each one of the hundreds of fans who made it into the videos that they made the cut. Engagement exploded from there.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Posts Post Game Report was viewed by over 800,000 fans across Facebook and Twitter. With Buffalo Wild Wings’ fans excitedly sharing their cameos in the report, the posts around the campaign reached 15 million people throughout the playoffs.

Honorable Mention:

•             IW Group - McDonald's New York Tri-State Social Media