2016 Social Media Awards: Twitter | Community Engagement

Winners: Bayer Corporation - Bayer Gets Scientifically Social and Hyatt Hotels - How Hyatt Uses Social Customer Service to Better Care for Guests

Bayer Corporation - Bayer Gets Scientifically Social

With this campaign, the Bayer U.S. social media team developed a successful Twitter growth strategy that incorporated organic and sponsored campaigns to educate and engage key audiences.

Bayer is focused on a diverse range of audiences spanning medical & healthcare industries to education influencers. As such, Bayer developed a three-month campaign to increase followers in the following segments: Journalists covering specific areas aligned with Bayer’s core competencies, including cardiovascular diseases, oncology, agriculture and biotech; science enthusiasts to generate broader awareness of the Bayer brand beyond aspirin, illustrating how Bayer contributes to people’s health and wellbeing; and educators and people advancing science literacy to demonstrate Bayer’s leadership and long-term commitment to STEM education.

The Bayer U.S. social media team created individual Twitter campaigns for each initiative. The team conducted research to identify subject matter influencers, keywords, and popular hashtags for each campaign. By analyzing social listening data, the team was able to leverage a comprehensive follower targeting and keyword lists.

To reach educators, for example, Bayer leveraged a “Thank You” campaign, celebrating 20 years of its CSR organization, Making Science Make Sense. Users were encouraged to say “Thank You” to someone who inspired their love of science. To promote the effort, Bayer U.S. teamed up with #STEMChat, an influential monthly Twitter chat featuring STEM advocates and influencers, driving some of the highest volume of Bayer mentions that month.

In all, the Bayer U.S. Twitter account has achieved 98% growth since January 2015, far surpassing the goal of 25%. With an increased focus on follower acquisition mixed with the creation of impactful organic content, Bayer U.S. engagement on Twitter has increased 74% from Q3 2015 alone. Additionally, with an understanding of segmentation data and content performance, the team is able to serve up the right content to the right audiences based on key insights and learnings.

Hyatt Hotels - How Hyatt Uses Social Customer Service to Better Care for Guests

One of the primary differentiators about the Hyatt social care approach is that they prioritize positive conversations equally with conversations about service recovery. Hyatt wants to build relationships with all of its guests, and praise, criticism or even simply alerting their networks that they visited a Hyatt location all present opportunities to do that.

Responding to comments with all sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) conversations—and beyond comments that specifically tag or mention Hyatt social channels—enables Hyatt’s social care efforts to move beyond issue resolution and truly helps them care for people as individuals so they can be their best. This comes to life through engaging conversations, more personalized experiences, and often customized surprise and delight opportunities.

For example, Hyatt once surprised a guest by delivering a "man care" basket to his room because he uploaded a picture of an ultrasound of his unborn child to Instagram while in one of Hyatt’s hotels. The caption read, “Having a great time at the hotel, but really missing not being with my wife today after she sent me this…” The Hyatt team immediately contacted the hotel, and the hotel sent him four different types of bacon, four different craft beers, a voucher to watch a movie, and a handwritten congratulations card from the team at the hotel. The guest was over the moon and immediately shared on social and review sites.

According to a report by travel industry publication Skift, Hyatt has the fastest social response time of any major hospitality brand on Twitter at approximately eight minutes. Hyatt is also proud that it responds to significantly more tweets than its major competitors. In fact, its profile on Twitter, @HyattConcierge, has sent more than 210,000 tweets since the account’s creation. Top competitors in the industry have sent less than a quarter of that amount.

In the past two years, Hyatt’s proactive, human approach to social care has led to a growth of Hyatt social conversations with travelers by over 40% year over year.

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