2016 Social Media Awards: Periscope Campaign

Winner: Experian - #CreditScope

With its #CreditScope streaming program, which shares best practices when it comes to credit and personal finance, Experian saw an opportunity to expand its successful weekly #CreditChat on Twitter and Blab and do something similar on a visually engaging channel.

The program has proven wildly successful, exceeding expectations while addressing all key objectives. Each #CreditScope has an average of more than 400 live viewers and nearly 200 comments/questions per scope. This is a huge increase in engagement compared to other channels, including their popular #CreditChat held on Twitter each week.

Experian evaluated several live streaming apps and decided that Periscope was the right outlet to build a community and foster engagement. The periscopes take place Monday-Friday at 2:30 p.m. ET. Every day at 2:30 p.m., a team at Experian—including the director of public education and social media managers—shares best practices when it comes to credit and personal finance.

Each day, the discussion revolves around a different aspect of money and credit topics, including: Monday: Money Topic, Tuesday: Credit Q&A, Wednesday: #CreditChat, Thursday: Credit Q&A and Friday: Money/Credit Topic.

Experian created a hashtag #CreditScope to have a place to archive the conversations on Twitter and to build up the brand of the daily chats. They also use other unique and relevant hashtags depending on the topic to help improve search and viewership.

In addition, the Experian Periscope page has 158,999 hearts and each scope receives over a thousand hearts. “Hearts” is the way Periscope users can share their love and likeness, much like the “Heart” on Twitter and the “Like” on Facebook. The average viewing retention time is more than 20 minutes (by comparison, average YouTube video retention is about 25 seconds). Experian’s #CreditScope ranks first in the financial services category.

Honorable Mentions:

  • MSLGROUP - Similac’s #EndMommyWars Roundtable
  • Seminole Hard Rock Tampa - Seminole Hard Rock Girls