2016 Social Media Awards: Use of Images

Winner: EC Hispanic Media - Pinterest Case Study

70 million people are searching every day on Pinterest for inspiration. Catching people when they're most receptive to new products is an advertiser's dream. One of the greatest benefits of Pinterest is its ability to refer traffic, and it’s already a bigger traffic referrer than Twitter for many publishers.

The objective of this effort was to increase exposure on Pinterest for EC Hispanic Media brand Quinceanera.com. Although the company had been using Pinterest for some time, the performance metrics remained fairly static, with little sign of improvement.

EC Hispanic Media knew the platform had potential, so after a few weeks of dedicated research, it decided to launch a new strategy that would not only improve exposure but also increase the amount of traffic that is referred to the site.

Tactics included its Optimization Strategy, which has three core principles: virality score, collaborate with boards, and increase follower count. Virality score is an equation that takes your total number of pins and divides that figure by your total repins. Once EC had worked out that this is highly regarded within Pinterest's smart feed algorithm, they saw a huge boost in account performance.

To boost this figure they followed a simple rule: create new pins, let them run for three weeks and then delete anything without a repin. By regularly cleansing the account of poor performers, the score increased and so did the number of impressions.

EC Hispanic Media was ultimately able to take Quinceanera from 80,000 to over 1.2 million monthly impressions within a three-month period. The figure they were really interested in, though, was clicks, and for this metric they increased activity from around 100 clicks per day to 1,000.

Pinterest is now a larger traffic source to Quinceanera.com than Facebook, which is remarkable considering it has around 2,000 Pinterest followers and 70,000 on Facebook.

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