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Laura Bernhardt
Senior Vice President, Growth and Marketing
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At Ketchum Global Research & Analytics (KGRA) – the largest research and measurement group in the Public Relations industry – we believe solid research is the cornerstone of any successful communications program.  Our research can be used to profile target audiences, test messages, evaluate results and generate publicity.  We offer clients a core group of 150 professionals committed to the use of research in planning, program development, tracking and evaluation of communications and stakeholder engagement. 

Operating as a full-service research provider, we are industry thought leaders who emphasize the importance of goal setting and measurement with the use of innovative research tools.  Additionally, we have a truly global reach, with offices in New York, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, London and Hong Kong.  Our team has access to nearly $4 million worth of research services and databases, assisting clients throughout all phases of the communications process—from discovery to planning and program development to tracking and evaluation.

New Offerings:

Goal Setting Workshop

Our goal-setting and measurement half-day workshop provides program parameters for communicators. During the session, we review background on measurement standards and the importance of goal setting as well as real examples of good and bad goals. This workshop is designed to set clear, measurable communications goals that align with and support business objectives. The half-day session is conducted among key stakeholders within the organization to ensure a clear understanding of priorities and to gain alignment and buy-in internally. The end goal is to enhance media measurement by moving from quantity metrics to quality metrics.

Social Media Listening

KGRA offers a robust, proven methodology to help clients implement enterprise-wide social listening capabilities. The methodology follows a three-step process:

  • Plan - Define requirements, stakeholders and scope
  • Select - Strategically evaluate and select a platform that best meets unique requirements
  • Deploy- Configure and deploy the platform across the organization with user training and workflow definition

Social Measurement Strategy Development

We work with companies and brands to develop rigorous measurement programs that prove the value of social media campaigns.  The measurement strategy development process helps define KPIs and metrics that are aligned with social media program objectives and desired business outcomes. The methodology addresses important measurement strategy questions – who are the stakeholders for the measurement program, what information do they expect to see, how should reporting occur, how often should reports be generated and how should reports be delivered.


Two Tips:

  1. Focus on the impact of social media rather than vanity metrics
  2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of social data is important