A Guide to Conducting a 12-Point Social Media Strategy Audit

Having a brand presence on social media used to be as easy as a lizard in a kitchen–fun and friendly with only the occasional small problem to manage. How times have changed!

With the emergence of a slew of platforms, unique features rolling out regularly, reach and frequency rules changing constantly, and trends coming and going, keeping social media efficient and effective requires a strategy, a lot of effort and much flexibility.
The Preliminaries
Similar to how you'd begin nearly every PR activity, prior to a social media audit answer these two groups of questions:

What are your goals, and what do you want to achieve with social media?

Social media has the power to drive brand awareness, strengthen positioning, create loyal fans, turn advocates into brand evangelists, develop leads, promote direct sales, tune-in, etc.

Nearly any call-to-action (CTA) can be achieved through social media; however, each platform requires a specific strategy to tell your story.

For example, a highly visual, heavily produced video likely will connect better with an Instagram audience than a TikTok cohort. Facebook is a destination for longer-form copy and images, as is YouTube for long-form video.

Understanding your brand goals provides a blueprint for the audit. Now, we can dive into how content is shared and whether it’s the right message, on the right platforms, to the right audiences.

Which social media platforms will provide the greatest success for your goals?

It’s not enough to have followers, who are casual observers.


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