Infographic: Better Communication Needed Between Employees, Organizations

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What does it mean for an employee to be on the same page as his or her organization? There are several facets to this, as outlined in the infographic below. Together, these facets add up to "Organizational Clarity," which the Institute for Public Relations has researched in a study spanning five countries and six economic sectors.

Though performance varies from group to group, the overall verdict is that "organizations need to help their employees better align with their organization’s strategy." Especially notable is the slew of dismal grades in the "market" dimension: This is "the degree to which an employee looks solely outside their organization to understand their future employment prospects, and how their organization reacts to the market." Conflicting priorities at work, caused by too many initiatives happening simultaneously, cause employees to feel more connected to their profession in general than to the organization that employs them.



Read the complete study and download the white paper: