Anderson_NatanyaDirector, Social Media and Digital Marketing
Whole Foods Market

Natanya Anderson is the director of social media and digital marketing at Whole Foods Market as well as the president of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, a nonprofit organization established to promote blogger philanthropy and education. Prior to joining Whole Foods Market, she was the vice president of content and community at Austin-based Powered, Inc., a social marketing agency.

Natanya has been working with social and new media for over a decade with a focus on both strategy and execution, helping organizations across a wide spectrum change the way they engage and communicate with their customers and other constituents. She is well versed in all areas of social media but has built a focused practice in the development and delivery of community and social content programs. By participating in social media as a food blogger, Natanya blends her passion for food and entertaining with her intense interest in social media and as a result is able to provide an in-the-trenches view of social media to help guide the Whole Foods social media strategy and operations. As a founding member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, Natanya is helping shape the future of social content creation as well as brand/blogger relations.

Natanya blogs about cooking and entertaining at Fete & Feast ( and the joy of being an epicurean in Austin at the Austin Food Lovers’ Companion ( Follow her on twitter at @natanyap.