Resources for Research-Minded Communicators

A little more than one month ago, 100 research-minded communicators assembled in New York City for the PRNEWS Measurement Summit. PRNEWS initiated this event more than 10 years ago, at a time when PR measurement was 'new' (or, at least, new-er): Pre-social media. Pre-CommTech. Pre-Covid. Pre-Zoom.

While the PRNEWS conference was among the first events to focus exclusively on the important topic of data-informed communication, it is not the only resource.  In addition to this column, which is only one of many essays PRNEWS devotes to PR analytics and advisory themes, additional options exist for those readers eager to learn more.
Live events are back.  Simultaneously, interest in how research and analytics inform PR decisions has never been greater. In addition to the PRNEWS Measurement Conference, a variety of conferences compete for research-minded communicators’ attention.  Luckily, they're spaced throughout the year. Here is a sampling:

On an almost monthly basis, the Institute for Public Relations produces measurement-related conferences for educators and practitioners.


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