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September, 2021

  • Education about Multiculturalism in the Deaf Community is Key to Communication
  • The Content Studio Model is Propelling Holistic Approach in B2C’s Digital-First PR Push
  • The Key to Being a ‘Loved’ Brand by Consumers? Be Culturally Relevant
  • Reputation Building is Bottom Up and Top Down, and Requires Internal, External Communication
  • A Lack of Consensus: Do PR Pros Working with Moderate Amounts of Data Need AI Now?
  • More than 30% of Consumer Engagement on Mask Mandates This Year Came in Just 30 Days
  • Ethics Work Best When Reinforced as a Constant State of Mind
  • Media Relations Strategy Begins with a Data-Informed Basis for Targeting
  • Kia Canada Shocks Journalists with a New Car and an Electrifying Stunt 

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