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November, 2021

  • 40% of PR Pros are Measuring More Post-COVID, Yet 70% Still Battle Measurement Roadblocks
  • Native Americans Were Influential Communicators Without Formal Titles
  • How to Avoid Being the Next ‘Instagram Kids:’ A PR Approach to Product Reputation Reviews
  • Next Big Thing: Non-Financial Factors will Link PR, Reputation & Share Price
  • As Holidays Approach B2C Brands’ Consumer Engagement is off 35% Year Over Year
  • Flexible Hours, WFH and Start-to-Finish Benefits Can Help PR’s Caring Culture Tame ‘The Big Quit’
  • Infographics, Surprising Data and Unusual Story Sources Can Make Dry Topics Pop in Pitches
  • PR Needs to Think Strategically to Pitch Better, Tech Insider Says
  • How to Make Your Fundraising Communication Stand Out this Holiday Season

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