How to Master Your Instagram Photo Formats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Instagram's one billion monthly users want to see something that will pop out amidst a crowded feed of fashion, food and tech ads. Likes, comments and reposts are a brand’s core source of power when striking impressions and building rapport on social media.

As an open forum of visual intercommunication, Instagram has earned it the title of the second-most engaged online community next to Facebook. What was once a vast void for shabby editors to showcase their photography is now the must-have business hub for every industry.

Achieving the sought after level of engagement that brands desire is all about consistency, and users want to see an aesthetically unified profile theme. Rather than displaying posts as a messy mix of all three formats, consider what story you want to tell when choosing each post's square, landscape or portrait image layout. Captivating Instagram’s visually overstimulated audience requires intensive attention to detail.

Brands that want to survive in the graphic realm must develop multimedia perspectives. Videos and pictures can blend in a ‘carousel’ post or story to maximize impressions on Instagram. Be considerate of short attention spans and avoid posting lengthy videos that no one will finish watching. In today’s media landscape, a honed strategy is key to standing out on digital platforms.

Instagram is used daily by millions of bloggers, buyers, and businesses, making it the ideal hybrid of graphic and verbal outreach. Capitalizing on a platform that will continue to roll out new and exciting features is a proactive way to stay ahead of the curve and prove your competitive edge.