When Deciding on an Influencer, the NFL Eyes Passion, Values

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With The Social Shake-Up Virtual Spring Tune-Up coming April 21, we’re introducing readers and soon-to-be attendees to some of this year’s speakers. The SSU Spring Tune-Up will showcase the latest social media features and how communicators are engaging with them.

During the Spring Tune-Up, Jesse May, the NFL's manager of influencer & entertainment marketing, will join a panel discussion about influencer strategy. In the brief Q&A below, May discusses how the NFL chooses influencers and separates genuine influencers from fakes.

PRNEWS: How do you decide what sort of influencer to work with? 

May: Depending on the scope of the project, we ask:

  • Will this align with the influencer?
  • Is this something that they want to align with?
  • Does it connect with their followers?
  • Is it something they are passionate about?

PRNEWS: What are the biggest mistakes companies make when working with influencers?

May: High expectations, and trying to connect influencers to campaigns that do not align with them, their goals and what they are working on. Other mistakes include forcing talent to be in a situation that isn’t organic to them and also grasping on to talent that they only want to work with to 'appear' cool.

PRNEWS: Fraud is a major concern when it comes to influencers. How do you differentiate the 'real deal' from influencers with fake followers and inflated numbers?

May: Several ways. We work with tools to take a deeper dive into their following. It also comes down to following and seeing genuine interaction and likes between influencers and the following that they have.

PRNEWS: What advice do you have for companies starting out with influencers, or those with limited budgets?

May: It all comes down to relationships and how you treat people. We treat influencers the way we would want to be treated and keep their values and personalities in mind.

PRNEWS: How has marketing evolved during your 10-year career? 

May: When I first started in marketing, social media was not the prominent way to connect with consumers and talent. To market your product you were purely in an in-person experience. With the power of social media and all of the social media platforms, you have complete access to thousands of consumers.

To hear more from May and dive into the latest social media features and use cases, register today for The Social Shake-Up Virtual Spring Tune-Up, April 21, with sessions on-demand following the conference.