Terms You Need to Know

Hodl and FUD : With bitcoin edging into the mainstream, its vernacular seems destined to become acceptable language. ‘Hodl’ is a misspelling of the word ‘hold.’ Its origin is from a rather wild 2013 online post whose author says he’s determined to keep bitcoin assets. As an acronym, HODL represents ‘hold on for dear life,’ an emotional state crisis communicators know well. FUD, or ‘fear, uncertainy and doubt,’ is bitcoin’s equivalent of ‘fake news,’ a way of explaining away untrue rumors.

Onlyness/Onliness: Pride Month reminds us a diverse workforce is a first step. Making diverse staff feel included comes next. Onlyness/Onliness refers to a person being, for example, the only woman in a meeting of men, or the sole LGBTQ+ woman or gender expansive person in management, as a McKinsey study details.