Guide to Best Practices in CSR & Green PR

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In PR News' Guide to Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR, Volume 3, we offer a wide array of articles authored by leading CSR/green experts who seek to fill the knowledge void of every PR professional and communicator aiming to advance their brand's CSR efforts. How do you launch a successful causemarketing program? How can you steer clear of greenwashing accusations? How do you communicate your CSR commitments to stakeholders and the C-suite? How do you measure the ROI of your company's philanthropic initiatives? The answers are not easy to distill in quick, prefabricated sound bites. But as you read this guidebook and explore the topics more fully, you will get a stronger sense of the tactics and tools you need to employ to meet your client's or company's CSR goals.

Chapters in the Guidebook:
Chapter 1: Overview &Outlook
Chapter 2: Cause Marketing & Community Relations
Chapter 3: Stakeholder Communications and Reputation Management
Chapter 4: Media Relations
Chapter 5: Internal Communications
Chapter 6: Crisis Communications
Chapter 7: Going Green
Chapter 8: Philanthropy and Human Rights Communications
Chapter 9: Case Studies
Chapter 10: Sustainability Reporting

Despite the economic downturn, more consumers are spending their money on brands that have reputations for social responsibility, according to the third annual Edelman Good purpose consumer study. Two out of three respondents (67%) said they would switch brands if a similar brand supported a good cause, and 57% said a company has earned their business because it's been doing its best to support good causes. Consumers want brands to go beyond the traditional limits of donating money to a cause or launching a CSR program: They want brands to be fully invested in social responsibility and to integrate these values into their day-to-day operations. Consumers are weary of greenwashing and want companies to exercise more transparency than before. Announcing that your company or client is green is not enough—communicators must show consumers that their companies are serious about being socially responsible.

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