The Wide World of Branded Video [INFOGRAPHIC]

Any communicator worth their salt knows that video is one of the best ways to engage with audiences, but pivoting to video not as simple as it seems. What platform should your video appear on to reach your target demographics? Are most of your consumers accessing video via desktop or mobile? Is pre-recorded or live video the better option for the product or topic you plan to discuss?

16best, a buyers’ guide and reviewing website that analyzes marketing campaigns in its reviews, knows that while video is a must in marketing in 2018, there’s a lot more that goes into brands using marketing than just shooting, editing and uploading. That's why it created an infographic about how brands are using video in their marketing strategies, and how consumers react to it.

There has certainly been a rise in live video marketing in the past few years, but only 19% of businesses reported using Facebook Live—even though more than 80% of consumers state that they would prefer live video from a brand over blog posts or other social posts.

YouTube continues to be the top choice for marketing videos, meanwhile, with 87% of marketers producing on the site and 90% of those marketers finding it to be an effective strategy. In contrast, LinkedIn was the least used platform for video marketing—only 38% of marketers reported publishing video content on the site. It is worth noting, though, that 75% of those marketers found success with their LinkedIn marketing.

See the infographic below for more insights into the world of video marketing: