2017 CSR Awards

Agency CSR A-List

Cone Communications

Cone’s unique team is comprised of subject matter experts dedicated to issues-based communications work. At the end of the day, it’s all about impact: not only in dollars raised, but in lives touched, voices amplified and employees and consumers rallied and engaged.

Employees, consumers, shareholders and others expect transparency when it comes to companies’ CSR information, but most aren’t reading CSR reports. For Target, Cone created a streamlined, highly visual and engaging report to help the company communicate successes and challenges in 2015 to diverse stakeholder groups, close out 2015 CSR goals, illustrate a new health and wellness focus, comply with Global Reporting Initiative (GR) G4 reporting guidelines and maintain corporate brand look and feel.

Within the first month after the report went live, it received 3,721 visits, 3,100 unique visitors and 16,566 page views, with visit duration at about 10 minutes. Furthermore, 747 readers downloaded the report—more than double from the previous year. Sustainable Brands also published a positive review of the report.

Cone also generates visibility for Timberland’s sustainability initiatives and marketplace innovations through a robust thought leadership program positioning the brand and its executives as CSR leaders and highlighting its innovative approach to sustainable development. Positive media coverage came from outlets like The Guardian, Fast Company, Fortune and JustMeans, with over 460 media impressions secured. Company leaders have also spoken at the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Summit, GreenBiz ’16, Sustainatopia and SXSW, and the brand was further positioned as a CSR leader at the Sustainable Brands conference in June 2016, with branded events highlighting its major initiative, the newly released documentary "Kombit."