Top Women in PR: Christy Bykowski

Christy Bykowski, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Fahlgren Mortine

Christy’s public relations expertise extends beyond traditional platforms. Chart Industries is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered gas processing and storage equipment for end-market applications in energy, industry, life sciences and respiratory healthcare. Though Chart’s business was rapidly growing, its website had not kept pace. Not only did the design look dated, growth by acquisition resulted in a disparate collection of ten loosely linked sites representing different business units and acquired companies. Chart partnered with Fahlgren Mortine, to re-architect and design

Christy led the team to create a new, best-in-class website with a seamless user experience that was responsively designed with clear, effective navigation integrating all business units and acquired companies under the “One Chart” brand. Christy and the team worked diligently on the technical build, as well as the cohesive brand experience, the imagery, and global content. The new website, launched in February 2015, delivers on the objectives and came online at the perfect time to highlight a new phase of global growth and expanding presence for Chart in China, Europe and The Americas. Fahlgren Mortine continues to monitor and evaluate site analytics, as well as gather social media feedback and creates custom product research tools.