Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Best Promoted Post on Facebook

Winner: Deseret Digital Media—FamilyShare Network—"Love is not what you say. Love is what you do."

How do you get almost 30 million unique individuals to see a post? And more than 2.5 million to engage with it? The only way is through passion. The objective of the FamilyShare Network is to own the brand of family on the Internet by creating, aggregating and promoting content that engages and strengthens hundreds of millions of families worldwide. Deseret Digital Media provides easy to consume, moral based and family focused media content.

Strategy has to focus around passion. It has to align the product, content and the audience. Deseret Digital Media provides something that cannot be bought—a genuine engaged audience. They have tapped into a simple, yet powerful concept: creating a portfolio of social media pages that provides a sense of belonging for a particular audience. The content they create has a genuine quality to it that reaches out to their audience. The content is bite-sized pieces that can be read quickly, but can also impart knowledge within a short amount of time. One post reached over 29 million individual users, while it was shared, commented on or liked over 2.5 million times.

Honorable Mention

  • Live Nation Entertainment - Motley Crue 2014 Tour Campaign