Social Media Icon Awards 2015: Best Facebook Marketing Campaign

Winner: Big Fuel and T-Mobile—The Break Up Letter

To kick off 2014 with a bang, T-Mobile announced the Contract Freedom program at CES. The premise of the program was that if you switch to T-Mobile, the company would pay your early termination fees. Big Fuel was brought in to create a disruptive social campaign designed to drive massive awareness and buzz around the program. The campaign needed to show that T-Mobile was different from every other carrier and that T-Mobile not only listens, but also cares enough to respond and drive change.

Big Fuel and T-Mobile’s team created a simple application that was not only branded, but more importantly fun to use. The app allowed potential customers to create a “break up” letter for their current carrier. Consumers were then tasked to post their letter to their social channels, to not only make a public spectacle of breaking up with their current provider, but to also encourage their community to do the same. Over the course of the campaign there were over 113,000 letters created, 2.7 million app page views and 67 million impressions generated. To personalize the experience even more, T-Mobile’s CEO personally responded via Twitter to welcome new customers by retweeting posts.

Honorable Mentions 

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  • Deseret Digital Media - FamilyShare Network | The Giver
  • Eastwick Communications - PEQ Facebook Brand Launch & Marketing Campaign
  • The Honest Company - #HonestMom
  • The Honest Company - #YouGotThis
  • SCORE - BizTipThursday by SCORE & MassMutual
  • Social Security Administration - my Social Security
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association - 2014 SEMA Show
  • Time Inc./PEOPLE - PEOPLE's #SexiestManAlive Facebook Marketing Campaign
  • VisitDenmark - "Kind of Normal" in Copenhagen