PR News 2016 Diversity in PR Awards: Organization

Winner: C+C

C+C has a strong commitment to diversity. Diversity strengthens the cultural fabric of the C+C workplace by bringing fresh perspectives, widening the understanding of diverse communities and expanding employees’ capacity and competency towards equity.

The company is continuously creating exciting and immersive opportunities for staff to experience new cultures. It builds capacity with cultural competency workshops and trainings for staff. C+C also developed new hiring criteria which sets priorities with a diversity and equity lens.

Finally, C+C shares its expertise with clients and community to deliver awesome work. For example, King County (KC) Metro’s goals for the ORCA LIFT-reduced transit fare program for low-income residents was to create a campaign in two different languages, generate 1,000 new enrollments, 6 million impressions and 10,000 click through to the enrollment web page.

C+C collaborated with KC Metro to create brand personality and promise that would span across cultures and languages. The team arrived at: ORCA LIFT. Reduced Fare. More Possibilities. This tagline captured the value proposition of the program while allowing flexibility for interpretation on what new possibilities are now available to ORCA LIFT users.

As the best stories are those told by real people benefiting from the program, C+C and KC Metro recruited spokespeople representing diverse communities. They had millennials, a Spanish-speaking Latina mom and her children, a first-generation Chinese immigrant, a Vietnamese refugee, and an African American entrepreneur.

Each spokesperson was able to capture the aspirational essence that is closely tied to their diverse cultural identities. These stories were distributed through advertising, earned media and grassroots enrollment efforts on the ground. During the campaign, the number of people enrolled in ORCA LIFT increased from 7,004 to 14,212. The media efforts generated 10.5 million impressions, and 16,000 clickthroughs to the enrollment website, exceeding all goals.