2015 Digital PR Awards: Contest/Game

Co-Winner: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield – FRNZY

Healthcare reform brought significant changes to the under-65 health insurance market, resulting in a less healthy, more expensive consumer base. To offset these costs, CareFirst launched an initiative for the 2015 Open Enrollment period that aimed to target the millennial population, which is a market that is shown to have significantly lower annual claims costs on average.

CareFirst’s research showed that the millennial population has a great interest in mobile gaming applications, so it wanted to find a way to connect with them through a platform they are passionate about. Its strategy included developing a health and wellness themed gaming application that allowed Millennials to test their knowledge, train their brain, earn trophies and badges for their successes, and use social media to spread the word and challenge friends.

The purpose of this mobile gaming app was not to drive traffic to the application site, but simply be a branding exercise for CareFirst, and a way to keep its name top of mind with this market. To promote this application CareFirst created a social media strategy to help educate Millennials on this new app, and encourage them to download and play the game.

One tactic included creating detailed social media promotions encouraging users to download the game. The social media posts were specifically targeted to Millennials and gaming fans alike, ensuring the appropriate audience was made aware of the app.

In all, CareFirst FRNZY was featured 14 times in promoted Facebook posts from November 2014 – February 2015. Social media promotion was integral in spreading the word about this application and encouraging users to download it. During the months when it was being promoted heavily on social, CareFirst saw the highest number of app downloads.

The CareFirst FRNZY App has been an extremely successful initiative, resulting in 16,342 downloads since its launch in November 2014.

Co-Winner: ESET North America - #ESETpower Comic-Con Campaign

With its #ESETpower Comic Con Campaign, ESET North America sough to increase its visibility through engagement with its target consumer audience while driving traffic to ESET.com for brand awareness and engagement.

The strategy included activating a consumer engagement campaign around one of the largest and internationally covered and talked about events: Comic-Con International 2015.

ESET established an official Comic-Con partner, as it teamed up with Legendary Entertainment’s signature brand, Nerdist Industries, to support a two-pronged campaign: a digital campaign leading up to Comic-Con and creating an on-site experience with Nerdist at one of the largest activations outside Comic-Con.

The execution included having a booth/space at the “Nerdist Convial,” a Comic-Con event attended by 10,000 people daily and create an interactive experience / game that engages and educates the target audience.

To engage audiences leading up to Comic-Con, a contest was launched to bring one person and their guest for an all-expense paid trip to San Diego (which is where the headquarters of ESET North America is located) during Comic-Con weekend. ESET’s mascot, the Android robot, was positioned as a cyber “superhero,” protecting people from evil cyber threats and viruses. A caption contest was created and enabled people to caption an image of the ESET Android in his “superhero pose” battling cyber threats.

An interactive landing page was also created to drive traffic so people can enter that contest and engage with brand components, inducing interactive quizzes and free product downloads.

Throughout the process consistent messaging that connects ESET’s brand to the Comic-Con theme was used, while helping to allow the public to understand what ESET does, which is keep people safe online.

The campaign was extremely successful as measured by visits to the eset.com/comiccon landing page, contest entries, social engagement, media impressions, as well as engagement and popularity of the on-site activation/game at Comic-Con.

Honorable Mentions:

·           451 Marketing - Flying High with the Hood® Blimp 

·           The Clorox Company - Liquid-Plumr Play with Plumrs Game Hub

·           DEVENEY  - Windsor Court Hotel’s 30 Ways to Give Back

·           Glad Food Protection - Glad Tackles Food Waste with Food Fairytales

·           Marriott International Caribbean & Latin America - Marriott Hotels & GoPro #CancunChallenge

·           Weber Shandwick & Genentech - Genentech launches new video game: T Cells Attack