PR News 2016 CSR Awards: Volunteer Program

Winner: K&H Bank & Well PR Agency - K&H MediMagic Story-Telling Doctors

The Hungarian healthcare system is in a dire state: government-financed institutions can barely survive and there is lack of qualified personnel.

Because of the general lack of experts in Hungarian hospitals, nurses are notoriously overloaded; they don’t have time to support the mental health of little patients. Enter K&H MediMagic, which has helped children’s healthcare for 12 years. It has donated equipment, but it also cares for children’s mental health.

K&H and Well PR launched the K&H MediMagic story-telling doctors program, which takes volunteers to hospitals to read tales to children. With the healing tales, the story-telling doctors ease the stress and fears caused by the situation, and as a result, have helped to speed-up recoveries.

Together with the hospitals K&H and Well PR have laid down the framework and designated the tale-reading occasions in each hospital. They have created a microsite, where volunteers can register and choose the appropriate hospital and time. At the venue there is a contact person who welcomes the volunteers and directs them to the little patients.

K&H also promotes the program among its own employees. Thanks to that effort, K&H employees are committed to the topic, and more than 200 have read tales to sick children.

Thus far, the campaign has resulted in 33,000 registered volunteers; 75 participating hospitals; 10,000 personal tale-reading events in hospitals; and 271 tales on the K&H MediMagic YouTube channel (which are sent in by volunteers).

Honorable Mentions:
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• Cigna - Feeding Children Everywhere
• CSAA Insurance Group, an AAA Insurer
• Fannie Mae’s 7 Days to SERVE - Giving Back to the Communities Where We Live & Work
• JetBlue Airways - Community Connection through JetBlue
• MasterCard - Girls4Tech
• Oracle - Volunteers
• Türk Telekom - Life is Simple with Internet