PR News 2016 CSR Awards: Social Good

Winner: Teva Pharmaceuticals - National Corporate Partner of Volunteers in Medicine

Making quality healthcare accessible globally is a business objective and a philanthropic commitment for Teva Pharmaceuticals.

To that end, in 2014, Teva became the National Corporate Partner of Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), committed to a three year partnership to make healthcare services more readily available to uninsured patients around the country.

VIM is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities throughout the US by providing free primary healthcare clinics for uninsured individuals and families of all ages. Currently, there are 100 Volunteers in Medicine clinics in the US, providing free healthcare services to thousands of people without access to care.

Teva’s partnership assists and supports VIM in numerous impactful ways. The partnership has, and will continue to, strengthen VIM’s ability to open additional clinics across the US, increase support services to VIM Alliance clinics, and promote awareness of VIM. In addition, Teva provides monetary donations to individual VIM clinics located in areas where Teva has a business presence, supporting access to healthcare in areas Teva employees live and work.

In addition to making monetary donations, Teva launched the first US product donation program in Teva’s history, where VIM clinics will be eligible to receive Teva medications at no cost. As of Oct. 2015, Teva supplied VIM clinics 709 total units (570 bottles) of medication, at no cost to them, with shipments continuing on an ongoing basis.

VIM also held a successful National Conference for 117 VIM Clinic leaders in Washington, DC, and Teva employees contributed $18,000, providing over 50 VIM clinic scholarships to attend the national conference. The theme of the conference was, “VIM Clinics: Thriving in an Era of Change,” recognizing the impact of the Affordable Care Act on current and future clinic operations. The conference was made possible thanks to Teva's support.

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