PR News 2016 CSR Awards: Green PR Campaign

Winner: Windsor Marketing Group - We Mean Green

Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) is committed to growing in a way that will protect our environment, eliminate waste, conserve precious resources, and improve the quality of life of its associates, their families, and the community as a whole.

WMG has implemented environmentally sustainable values into every aspect of its manufacturing and logistical processes. All airborne emissions are closely monitored and an innovative process of bio-oxidation is used to capture and neutralize volatile organic compounds (VOCs), drastically reducing WMG’s effect on the environment.

It also employs a closed-loop, environmentally friendly manufacturing system that allows the company to recycle the bulk of its raw materials. A tremendous amount of water and solvents are recycled within the walls of WMG’s own factory. This innovative system has reduced its pollution output to zero.

In addition, WMG is saving thousands of dollars annually on water and chemical costs. It has already eliminated greenhouse gases, solid and hazardous wastes and other harmful emissions generated from its manufacturing process. The pollution prevention efforts have been extended to its parking lots where during winter months ice and snow are removed using only wire brushes. Salt and sand are not used thereby ensuring the purity of local ground water.

In addition, 80% of all paper sourced by WMG is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. In its plants, Windsor Marketing Group conserves energy through the use of efficient T5 lighting, reducing its electricity use by 20%. At the same time WMG has improved the quality of its product because its water filtration is so good that the reused water is as clean as fresh water. Also recycled are inks, plates and solvents.

Honorable Mention:
• Bacardi Limited - Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future