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ESPN – The V Foundation for Cancer Research

Don’t give up…don’t ever give up. These are the words that have come to embody The V Foundation for Cancer Research, which was formed by legendary basketball coach and commentator Jim Valvano and ESPN in 1993. After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 43, Valvano set out to eradicate the disease.

Valvano lost his battle with cancer months after delivering a historic speech at the 1993 ESPY awards that has inspired millions to get involved in the fight against cancer. But his dream of finding a cure remains alive and well.

Realizing the importance of the promising young scientists and researchers to finding a cure, The V Foundation founded its V Scholar program to jump-start these budding scientists careers. Today, this award is one of the most sought after grants in the field, attracting many young scientists and physicians from the nation’s leading cancer centers.

While struggling with the disease, Valvano saw first-hand how slowly scientific progress translated from the lab to the patient’s bedside. The Foundation sought faster solutions, which could help save thousands every year. In 2001, eight years after his death, The V Foundation began its Translational Research Grants. These grants are designed to accelerate lab findings to ultimately apply the latest research to help more patients.

The V Foundation has its finger on the pulse of the scientific community. An elite Scientific Advisory Committee guides and recommends the research projects that are funded by The V Foundation. The members of this committee come from some of the most prominent cancer centers and universities in the United States.