PR News 2016 CSR Awards: Sustainability/CSR Report

Winner: Domtar

What do an Elk herd in Pennsylvania, a community district heating system in Sweden and a trade school in British Columbia have in common? They are all connections to Domtar's sustainability story.

Domtar's 2015 Sustainability Report, "Our world, connected," is a refreshing change from typical sustainability reports. This report was shaped by extensive interviews with customers, non-governmental organizations, academia and other sustainability thought leaders on ways Domtar could make its sustainability reporting more engaging, more relevant and more memorable.

Domtar also produced several companion/highlight pieces to the 2015 Sustainability Report. The strategy behind these pieces was to make its sustainability information more accessible to its two primary audiences - customers and employees. These companion/highlight pieces included a poster, a sales brochure and a 10-panel, wallet-size foldout.

The 2015 report showcased the company's progress against stated sustainability goals. Key accomplishments in this year's report included: the fact that 74% of electricity used in Domtar's pulp and paper mills was self-generated, outpacing the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry average of 59%; a 52% reduction in the recordable safety incident rate since 2008; a 23% reduction in waste sent to landfills from Domtar's pulp and paper mills, and avoided landfilling materials equivalent to the weight of almost two Empire State Buildings since 2013.

Other accomplishments include the fact that Domtar sold the five-millionth ton of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in 2014, a first for the North American market; and donated $1.35 million in community investments throughout 2014.

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