PR News 2016 Nonprofit PR Awards: External Publication or Report (online or print)

Winner: SHIFT Communications—The Power of Wonder: Celebrating Five Years with Wonderopolis

One of the main initiatives undertaken by the nonprofit organization National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) is Wonderopolis, an interactive, award-winning learning platform designed to ignite natural curiosity and address skills-based learning.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Wonderopolis, NCFL commissioned SHIFT to create an online publication highlighting popular content from throughout Wonderopolis’ history. The objective of the campaign was to drive traffic to NCFL’s website and raise general awareness to Wonderopolis, and also garner some profit from donations.

At the heart of Wonderopolis are the “Wonders of the Day,” which pose an intriguing question and discuss it with a cross-disciplinary approach. Each Wonder contains high-interest informational text, vocabulary, pictures, videos, and more, which are designed to help students of all learning styles learn the content.

The overall strategy of the anniversary project was a two-pronged effort: to create a downloadable publication to showcase Wonderopolis’ top content and to generate additional awareness for NCFL and Wonderopolis as a whole.

Not only did SHIFT curate and adapt the publication content start to finish, the team also designed various page elements and cover art for the finished product. Additional tactics included content organization, graphically compiling the content into the eBook format and formulating recommendations around eBook promotion and distribution.

Using publication and graphic design programs, SHIFT curated, adapted and also created collateral used in the publication, including the eBook content, graphics, videos, and cover art. Using online publishing best practices, the team formatted the eBook to be compatible with several popular e-reader tablets, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

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