PR News 2016 Nonprofit PR Awards: Publications

Winners: CA Technologies Sustainability Report and MedTech Association—2015 Bio/Med Industry Report: Navigating Today’s Healthcare Landscape

CA Technologies Sustainability Report

In Sept. 2015, CA Technologies released its latest sustainability report, outlining how the company is furthering its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, according to a company press release; the report was drafted in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Core guidelines and incorporates the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

The CA Technologies Sustainability Report effectively communicates CA’s commitment to sustainability, which has led to recognition by third parties like Newsweek, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, UN Global Compact 100 Stock Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project and the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. The report is also used for customer inquiries that are increasingly part of competitive RFPs.

In producing CA Technologies Sustainability Report, CA's Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability team worked in partnership with Addison, a creative agency, to put the report together.

CA's Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability team worked tirelessly to gather information from throughout the company to highlight CA’s continued efforts in this area, interviewing key executives to gather perspective and commentary to drive report direction. The team worked closely with members of the Internet Marketing, Corporate Branding, Facilities, Investor Relations, Legal and HR teams, as well as Green Team members around the world.

MedTech Association - 2015 Bio/Med Industry Report: Navigating Today’s Healthcare Landscape

MedTech Association worked with AXON Communications—based upon its expertise in publications, public relations and media relations, and health communications—to provide strategic counsel and support for MedTech’s 2015 Industry Report and Conference.

MedTech connects New York State’s Bio/Med industry through collaboration, education and advocacy; it is an active association of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies, their suppliers and service providers, and research universities.

AXON created and managed the development of the industry report from inception to dissemination. AXON provided strategic counsel regarding consistent tone and thematic direction to highlight key messages. In addition, AXON led the efforts on creative concepts and execution on overall design, while developing specific branding for this year’s report and future industry reports.

The annual industry report was designed to be visually appealing and to actively engage a variety of audiences. The report is full color and 68 pages; it contains feature articles that emphasize and support major overarching trending themes in the industry.

AXON disseminated the industry report and served as the PR agency of record at MedTech’s annual MEDTECH 2015 Conference, Oct. 14-15, 2015 in Buffalo, N.Y. AXON generated extensive media coverage from TV, radio, bloggers, and newspapers from local, national, and international outlets.

The report has received high accolades from peers and stakeholders from rich content and unique design perspectives. Following the conference and release of the report, MedTech added 35 new followers to its Twitter page in 3 days, and tweets relating to the conference reached 7,600 users on Twitter.

Honorable Mentions:

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