2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: Taft Communications - New Jersey State of Diversity Survey

As a New Jersey-based communications firm with a keen interest in corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, Taft launched a campaign to help the state better understand the role of diversity in the lives of its workers—in and out of the workplace. The survey and surrounding publicity illuminated interesting aspect of how much state residents embrace and value diversity. Taft sought to establish a long-term tracking study to monitor how workers view and experience diversity in their lives, generating interesting newsworthy research about diversity that would merit the attention of regional media and state residents and continue to highlight Taft’s commitment to diversity throughout the year.

Looking at diversity in its broadest sense, Taft has conducted paid and pro bono work for over 30 nonprofits, including several that focus on advancing women and minorities, social justice issues and building access to quality healthcare and healthy living. The agency is preparing to engage in its second annual New Jersey State of Diversity survey, with plans to field some of the same questions and extend its outreach to include insights on wider aspects of diversity like gender identity and disability. The New Jersey State of Diversity report has been an important call to action for companies and the New Jersey public alike.