2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: Sedgwick - Differences Matter

Sedgwick’s president and CEO charged his diversity and inclusion council with creating a video to serve as the cornerstone of the company’s diversity and inclusion story. His vision was an emotionally powerful piece with a long shelf life that would help raise awareness around the company’s commitments to diversity. All at once, the video had to portray Sedgwick as a caring employer, innovative industry leader and provider of compassionate and individualized claims management services.

In the interest of inclusion, the company aimed to capture the input of all diversity and inclusion council members and opinion leaders. After many rounds of refinement, the company settled on messaging that leveraged industry best practices and captured Sedgwick’s unique diversity culture. The “Differences Matter” video was debuted to all Sedgwick colleagues as part of the CEO’s year-end message. It was also shared externally through the company's website and social media channels. The CEO was extremely satisfied with the finished product and the video is now required viewing for anyone joining the organization. Additionally, the video is placed at the forefront of the recruiting process, featured on the company’s careers page and other third-party recruiting sites. In less than a year, the video accrued nearly 4,000 views on YouTube and 2,500 more on the company’s internal servers.