2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

Winner: Paul Rosengren, PSEG

For the past three years, PSEG has been on a diversity inclusion journey, and Paul Lief Rosengren has been there every step along the way. An energy company based in New Jersey, PSEG's diversity programs have been longstanding, but have been less deliberate and coordinated than many other companies. Rosengren developed a commitment statement on diversity and inclusion to address the company’s previously uncoordinated efforts. The statement was rolled out and hand-signed by the entire organization, printed on banners that were hung in locations throughout PSEG’s family of companies. Rosengren took this growing awareness and commitment around diversity back to his subsidiary company where he recruited a new diversity team. Under his leadership, the team set out to schedule activities including a scavenger hunt at the Newark Museum, an ERGB fair and a diversity and inclusion book club featuring works on diversity in American culture.

None of Rosengren’s diversity initiatives are actually part of his job description, but he infuses everything he does with PSEG’s diversity messaging internally and externally. He mentors newer employees and over the course of the last several months has brought on a diverse group of communicators.  His work was instrumental in getting PSEG named to Equal Opportunity Magazine’s Top 50 Employers list. His work has also been recognized by The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.