2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: Realogy Holdings Corp. - Diversity + Inclusion Council

In 2016 Realogy Holdings Corp. set out to increase the number of employee resource groups (ERGs) available throughout its entire enterprise. ERGs act as a sounding board around diversity objectives. They also provide recommendations on talent attraction and retention, development and marketplace insights. These groups also help build initiatives such as the “EXPLORE” set of nationwide events and a variety of internship programs. The company provided a basic framework for each ERG leader, a budget to help them provide value and events for employee membership and support in leveraging internal and external resources to foster an inclusive environment.

ERGs have actively engaged the employees and helped organize events throughout the year that are focused on employee development, inspiration and fundraising for diverse communities. ERGs helped spur a fundraiser for the Orlando PULSE nightclub victims and their families and the idea to incorporate a rainbow into the company logo in memory of the victims. ERGs also helped facilitate partnerships with diverse trade organizations to support home ownership initiatives for multicultural and diverse markets by empowering and encouraging employees, brand affiliates and independent sales associates to become involved, take on leadership positions and deliver content to members.