2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: Imprenta Communications Group - Local Control Funding Formula Awareness

In 2013, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Local Control Funding Formula, which is the most comprehensive reform to California’s school funding system in 40 years. To gauge the success of this legislation, Imprenta Communications conducted extensive research that included attending a convening of all regional partners to discuss the work and gain input, investigating messaging tied to parent and student engagement and transparency of school budgets, assessing media options for each site and collaborating to test messaging for the campaign. The campaign sought to educate parent and student populations in local communities of the eight sites on Local Control Funding Formula and their vital roles in the Local Control and Accountability Plan to hold districts accountable.

Using the insights gained from its survey and polling groups, Imprenta developed a series of creative assets that included radio, outdoor, print, digital and television to help spread the word. These efforts included op-eds, press releases, media advisories and infographics to be updated and individualized as needed across the state. The agency supported 10 local site press conferences and rallies that resulted in 6.1 million impressions through earned media and generated 82 call-ins in the first three weeks of the campaign to influence local school district’s funding decisions. Paid media also helped spread awareness by generating over 30 million impressions, which helped the overall campaign reach an audience of 38 million people—providing much-needed public education and bringing many new parents’ attention to the initiative.