2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: Aurora Health Care - What is Diversity & Inclusion at Aurora?

Although Aurora Health Care had multiple focus areas within its new diversity platform, the company knew that to achieve its goal of being the best possible employer and provider, it needed to reinvigorate how it approached diversity education across the board. As the largest private employer in Wisconsin, Aurora Health Care faced a unique problem: getting over 32,000 caregivers excited about diversity leanings after previously unsuccessful attempts. The company used extensive research to support its diversity focused educational campaign. The objective was to enroll caregivers in diversity and inclusion training and to create a primer for ongoing dialogue about diversity across its system. Through its research, Aurora Health Care found its caregivers wanted to be heard and learn more about diversity without a blanketed training program. Thus, Aurora packaged its internal message in a short and unscripted video featuring its caregivers.

To create the video, Aurora enlisted diverse caregivers throughout the organization to share their unscripted and authentic voice about what diversity means to them. To reflect its internal audiences, Aurora segmented the video into three groups: caregivers in leadership roles, general caregivers and new caregivers. Through Aurora Health Care’s efforts, the campaign drew over 7,000 enrollments in cultural competency training. The company also successfully crated a primer for ongoing dialogue about diversity and inclusion. The program has been such a success that the company decided to create a second video series with additional footage.