2016 Diversity & Inclusion Awards: Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Winner: TBWA\Chiat\Day - Accenture Being Greater Than Program

Accenture believes that diversity—including gender diversity—is critical to high performance. Following this logic, the company pledged to grow the percentage of women it hires to at least 40 percent worldwide. The company sought to communicate its commitment to gender equality including gender pay equality, and to attract gender-diverse talent to Accenture. To facilitate this goal, the company launched its “Being Greater Than” content campaign, which showcased inspiring stories about Accenture women on The Huffington Post and Accenture.com.

The company created an ambitious content program to generate insights from every level of the organization and across a broad set of topic related to gender equality. Since creating the program, Accenture has stockpiled an archive of material across a range of topics, locations and levels within the organization. The program has exceeded all expectations. A specific promotion of women’s stories tied to Mother’s Day provided a boost in traffic the week of May 1, with close to 6,000 visits to Accenture’s content that week alone. Among Accenture employees, 24,000 visits representing 16 percent of total visits came from this group, which usually comprises five percent of visits to the website. Accenture’s "Being Greater Than" content has seen an astounding engagement rate of 54 percent.