2016 Digital PR Awards: Video

Winners: IBM - 360 Degree Research Labs and J. Walter Thompson MEA - HASSA ELIYA (NOW IS MINE)

IBM - 360 Degree Research Labs

With Facebook and YouTube now providing the capability for brands to host and deliver 360-degree video on their platforms, IBM decided to offer followers a 360-degree window into the IBM Research Labs in Yorktown Heights, New York, through a series of three videos.

The three labs featured so far include the IBM Research Quantum Lab, the IBM Research Ultra High Vacuum-Transmission Electron Microscope Lab and an IBM Research Microelectronics Lab. The labs represent some of the most innovative and groundbreaking research that IBM is widely recognized for. This campaign was designed to see if low-cost cutting-edge content could drive significant engagement on Facebook.

To create these videos, IBM utilized an in-house team to determine possibilities as provided by new Facebook functionality. They were tasked with finding the right 360-degree camera array for the job and learning how to use it to maximum effect.

IBM rented the camera, sent its own group of people out to an IBM location and captured six internal locations/scenes in one day. IBM purchased the necessary audio software and "pop-up" titles and, once complete, published the videos natively to both YouTube and Facebook. Within a week, the IBM team had acquired the software, learned how to use it, and published their first 360-degree video.

To IBM’s surprise, Facebook promoted the first film without IBM’s encouragement or participation, driving close to 1 million views within the first few days of release. They called the film a "best in class example of 360-degree video" on the platform. For the release of the second film, IBM decided to utilize paid sponsorship, this time driving nearly 1 million views within three days.

J. Walter Thompson MEA - HASSA ELIYA (NOW IS MINE)

J. Walter Thompson MEA created #HassaEliya or “Now is Mine,” a multi-faceted program to inspire and empower Iraqi youth, on behalf of Zain Iraq, the leading mobile operator in Iraq.

In 2016, Zain Iraq launched HASSA ELIYA – NOW IS MINE, based on the use of many innovative methods to stimulate and develop the relationship between Zain Iraq and the Iraqi youth. The platform itself is a youth-dedicated digital environment that creates opportunities for young Iraqis across interests and job sectors.

The strategy was simple: The team went where the youth are—online—and continued the conversation offline. 17 underground artists were discovered from different regions and backgrounds across Iraq; together they collaborated with top professionals in the region to craft an empowering anthem inviting young Iraqis to share their talents. The anthem was launched in the form of a video post and followed by a heavy media campaign calling on Zain Iraq's target audience to share their biggest dreams.

The Zain Iraq team launched their anthem online, followed by securing TV coverage on all media channels across Iraq. Facebook was the main channel for the campaign, as it is the most-used social platform in Iraq. Zain Iraq started with native videos to ensure high visibility.

When the video went viral, the campaign team launched the platform as a separate Facebook page. When the hype on Facebook reached its peak, the team released the video on main TV channels in Iraq to best target the masses and any young person in their target audience that hadn’t seen it yet.

The results were overwhelming—the anthem attracted 5 million Facebook and YouTube views within 72 hours of launch.

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Axis Agency - Kaiser Permanente “Food for Health Recipe Video Series”
  • FleishmanHillard - LongHorn Steakhouse Grill Masters LIVE on Facebook
  • GCI Health - America's Diabetes Challenge
  • LA County - This Was Our Home
  • Miami HEAT - Throwback HEAT
  • Taylor - Tide: Brett Favre
  • Tim Hortons - #WarmWishes
  • Weber Shandwick & National Pork Board - Grill Crashers