2016 Digital PR Awards: Digital PR Team of the Year

Co-Winners: The Coca-Cola Company - Coca-Cola Journey and Wakefern Food Corp. - Social Media Team

The Coca-Cola Company - Coca-Cola Journey

The mission of Coca-Cola’s digital communications and social media team is to advance important company efforts via a portfolio of digital tools, including Coca-Cola Journey and the company’s social channels. This group strives to provide coordinated context for the work of the internal communications teams and tell the story of the company.

Journey, the company’s storytelling engine, is a product of the digital communications and social media team that reports to the company’s public affairs and communications (PAC) division. The years 2015 and 2016 have been successful for the team as they strive to produce relevant and engaging content for their audiences.

Coca-Cola Journey, for example, has taken a new approach to reporting on quarterly earnings and shareholder meetings. When writing earnings stories, Journey doesn’t have much creative freedom due to investor relations legalities, which means stories typically end up dry. To help energize their reporting of these meetings, the Journey team tried a visual approach.

The team has embraced a new infographic approach to presenting key points from the earnings report. These infographics help consumers visualize numbers and key headlines rather than having to read through the entire report. The results have been strong on social media, driving high engagement. Quarterly earnings tweets with infographics have seen double the amount of engagement as tweets without infographics.

Wakefern Food Corp. - Social Media Team

The Wakefern Food Corporation, founded in 1946 and based in Keasbey, New Jersey, is the largest retailer's cooperative group of supermarkets in the United States, and the largest employer in New Jersey.

ShopRite is one of the grocery banners under the Wakefern umbrella. Wakefern provides goods and services to each of the family-owned and operated ShopRite stores, helping these small businesses succeed in a big business world.

The Wakefern social media team serves the needs of internal Wakefern divisions and their high-profile vendors (ex. telling the story of its seafood buyers bringing fresh flown overnight seafood to ShopRite stores each day), as well as the needs of ShopRite store owners (ex. telling the story of the in-store seafood manager’s love if mahi-mahi and his favorite way to serve it).

To meet these needs, the team hired a full in-house staff of digital media producers, videographers, food stylists and photographers to consistently produce high-quality content under the direction of the social media manager (Lis Loeb) and the social media strategist (Lauren Biondi).

The team launched a paid ad campaign across local Facebook pages to create awareness around locally grown produce from family-owned farms available at ShopRite stores. As a result of the campaign's success, Facebook has reached out to Wakefern to initiate the creation of a case study around the campaign’s targeting and engagement.

Honorable Mentions:

  • IW Group
  • PepsiCo Digital
  • UN Foundation - Digital Team